Faq                    • Q: Are the tours PRIVATE? A: Yes. All our tours are private and only for the person (group, family, couple or individual) who booked the service.

• Q: Can parts of each tour be selected; can a “custom” tour be devised to meet our time constraints, ambition and interests? A: Yes, of course!! Or whatever else????

• Q: We are a group of 8 – 16 people (or even more) can you accommodate us? A: Of course, we can, you can use a minibus or if your group is big you can use a coach. Alternatively, you can use 4 or even more cars following each other, and run the tour parallel. They have the same itinerary and stop at the same places at the same time. By this way except the fun you have on the way, by following each other, you have also the maximum of flexibility, some people want to end the tour at the hotel / port / airport, while some other need to end the tour in the Old Town for independent browsing, or some other people from the same group can extend the tour for lunch, shopping, swimming etc…

• Q: Is it compulsory to reserve certain excursions in certain specific days? A: We can arrange any excursion in any weekday. 24/7/365

• Q: Can we start our excursions from any spot? A: Yes. We can start the excursion from any spot you wish (hotel, port, airport)! You will choose the place!

• Q: At what time can we start a tour? A: We can arrange your tour starting from any time you wish! Usually we start at 8:30am or when you are ready.

• Q: Is it compulsory a minimum number of passengers on the tour? A: No. The tour is sufficient even with one person.

• Q: Why your half-day private tour is 5:00 hour long? A: Because we don’t think you can see the 60% of Rhodes highlights in two or three hours. This means you get more personal attention from your driver (or your tour guide), who doesn’t have to drive fast to cover the Km / Miles and he doesn’t have to “skip” sites to save time. You are really enjoying a comfortable and safe tour experience.

• Q: What is knowledgeable English – speaking driver? A: The available drivers are experienced licensed professional chauffeurs. They speak English, are educated gentlemen, converse well and have a great knowledge of the island. According to the Greek law the drivers are not allowed to accompany walking clients at archaeological sites. They will give you enough time to visit each site. Also, they can come out of the car and follow you at the landmarks and help you with your pictures, restaurants…

• Q: Do I need a tour guide? A: If you need a tour guide, then you choose a private guided tour and you’ll have a tour guide with you on every step of your way

• Q: How much time do you spend at each highlight? A: As you can expect, some spots are more time-consuming than others. With this in mind, there is no set time for each highlight. You will have plenty of time to take photos of the landmarks and we watch how the tour progresses at each landmark and adjust the tour accordingly.

• Q: During the sightseeing what if I change my mind and I want to extend the tour? A: If you are using a Sedan Car, 4 passengers plus the driver, you can extend the tour as long as you wish (No extension for private guided tours with tour guides / minibuses and coaches).

• Q: What happens if the weather is bad? A: The excursions take place independently from the weather conditions. Consider also that the climate here is a typical Mediterranean climate, with more than 300 days per year sunshine. Anyway, no visit can be cancelled at the last moment.

• Q: What happens if my private tour doesn’t make it back to the ship/plane on time? And how do you manage the problem? A: We’ve never had such an unfortunate accident over the last 35 years we’ve been offering private tours. We are extremely cautious and responsible drivers, and our fleet is always a high standard. We always allow sufficient time for the return trip. However even if the “unthinkable” event, broken car, damage, does occur. That will by no means an impact the private tour since we will replace the damaged vehicle in a mater of 10 – 20min wherever that be! How is that possible? We corporate with the largest transfer companies on the island. Just a call and there will be NO PROBLEM whatsoever! You will be driven safely back to your ship/plane for departure

• Q: How do we finalize booking? Via e-mail? A: Yes, via e-mail.

• Q: How do we meet with the driver, or the tour guide at the Port, Hotel, Airport? A: At the Port: We will meet you at the pier just out of your ship, usually beside the tour buses of your cruise line, with a sign on the vehicle showing your name. Rhodes is a dock port (All passengers disembark right at the pier, no tender boats or cable cars) so it’s easy to disembark. At the Hotel: We will meet you at the Hotel, just out of the lobby with the sign on the vehicle showing your name. At the Airport: You’ll be met at the airport upon arrival of aircraft as you specified. After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, you’ll be routed to the public lounge where throngs of people wait for passengers to come out. Many people will be holding signs and also your driver will be there posting your name. That’s how you identify your driver. Normally it takes about 25 minutes from the time when the plane lands until you actually get to the public lounge. If you see that it will take longer, for example if your luggage is lost or simply takes it a long time to come out, please call us from on the phone or ask the custom officer to let you come out for a second to tell your driver you’ll be late.

• Q: Should I tip the driver or the tour guide? A: Extending a gratuity to your driver or the tour guide is strictly optional.